62 cm Fire Pit, Outdoor Portable Fire bowl, Wood Burning Bonfire Pit

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Description:【Perfect for large gatherings】This large fire pit size is ideal for gathering friends and family for a bonfire in the yard or patio. This fire pit has a 62 cm diameter, 64 cm height, and 22 cm depth, which has an extra large square cooking grate with a side length of 56.5cm, which can grill enough food at one time.【Durable design and rust resistant】This fire pit is made from durable steel. Finished with black high-temperature paint, this fire pit is made for long-lasting quality and resistance to rust. Mesh design on all sides: designed not only for display, but also for air circulation, making the flame last longer.【Widely used】Ideal for use with charcoal, logs, or wood to stay warm or cook food at the beach or when camping; great for entertaining guests with a cozy ambiance;fire pit can be used for people around for a bonfire in the patio, backyard, deck for cooking and warmth, it can also be used for camping or at the beach, or any other type of special event, perfect for all four seasons and is built to last for years to come.【Easy to assemble】Comes together in two easy steps: attach the base to the bowl with the included screws, then put the cooking grid and screen cover, and a complete brazier is assembled.【What’s included】 The fire pit set includes a metal spark screen for added safety from flying sparks, a cooking grate for cooking food, and a poker to easily control the flame.

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