Can artificial grass be put on wooden decking?

Yes, Artificial grass is suitable to be placed on wooden decking, it provides a nice solid service. Our recommended advice would be to secure it down with a staple gun to ensure it doesn’t move.

Does artifcial grass come in a roll?

Yes our artificial grass comes on a roll, we have two widths 2 meters and 4 meters, the length is available in sizes up to 25 meters.

Whilst this is suitable for the majority of our customers, you may be covering a very large area, in this situation please do contact us and we can discuss how we can best meet your specific requirements.

Is artificial grass slippery?

Our artificial grass isn’t slippery when wet, and after a downpour of rain it will not remain wet for long. After a short the children can go out and play again.

You won’t have to worry about them getting muddy either as you would regular grass, two great reasons to buy.

Does artificial grass require underlay, or can it go straight on the ground?

When laying Artificial Grass on the ground, for best results we would recommend using a weed membrane on a solid hardcore base. We can supply the weed membrane for those who need it.

If laying Artificial grass on concrete we provide shock pad underlay although this is not strictly necessary its an optional extra.

You can buy today in confidence, we have everything you need.

If my dog wee’s on artificial grass, will the colour change?

Our Artificial Grass is pet friendly, and does not stain, the feedback we get from customers is very positive.

From small balconies to large gardens you’ll appreciate the convince our artificial grass brings.

I want to replace my real grass with artificial grass, how would I do this?

Changing for our artificial grass is not complicated. Read our guide Installing Artificial Grass.

You will need to create a solid base with hardcore and grits sand.

We would advise the use of a weed membrane for best results.

And we have all the finishing touches you may need to make a purchase today.

Can artificial grass be vacuumed?

Yes, Artificial grass can be vacuumed, provided its doesn’t have high suction, it can be considered like a normal carpet, although its not that necessary.

Artificial grass is also convenient and easy to maintain, with excellent durability giving you many big reasons to buy.

Is artificial grass nice to sit and sunbath on?

Our Artificial grass is soft and comfortable to sit, lay or play, it gets nice and warm in the sun if your wanting to spend the day relaxing in the garden what could be more ideal.

Years of service and hassle free, why not make the switch today.

Is artificial grass the same as astro turf?

In simple terms Astro Turf is a brand of Artificial Grass. Much like many people refer to a vacuum cleaner as a hoover, but hoover is a famous brand that make vacuum cleaners.

How flexible is artificial grass?

The products are soft to touch and easy to fold and move around. There is variation in the range as you would anticipate. Chat with us if you have any specific concerns, or you can request a sample.

Does water drain away ok?

The products do have drainage holes and under normal rain will drain quickly, very similar to the real thing.